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Joseph J. Schwerha, IV, Attorney at Law, Pennsylvania, USA

"New Trends in Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Cybersecurity Management" - Joseph J. Schwerha IV, M.S., J.D., Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center, California University of Pennsylvania, USA

Never before have managers been called upon to have and implement knowledge of data security and management.  From implementation of the GDPR to California's data protection law, managers must now understand this legal environment.  This presentation covers the newest developments relevant to managers in today's world, including: newest data regulations, regulatory enforcement, IoT and other developing matters.

Joseph J. Schwerha IV, M.S., J.D. is the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center at California University of Pennsylvania, where he also serves as an Associate Professor of Business Law & Technology within the Department of Business and Economics. There, he instructs on all aspects of business law, especially as they relate to the areas of privacy, cybercrime and information law. Mr. Schwerha came to teaching mid-career, after a significant amount of time practicing as an attorney, where he advised numerous businesses. Mr. Schwerha also has direct experience as an entrepreneur himself, having started and operated several enterprises both while in school and afterwards while practicing law. Mr. Schwerha holds a J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as both a B.S. and a M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University. He has written books, book chapters, made several dozen professional presentations and published numerous articles both domestically and internationally.